Nursing courses are designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills essential for pursuing a career as a professional nurse. There are a number of online nursing courses that a student can enroll in. Unlike conventional institutes offering nursing courses, distance education has more benefits for a learner. Working nurses can enroll in online programs without having to compromise their work.

Online Nursing Courses Options

Online nursing courses are broadly divided into four categories. These include:

  • Diploma
  • Associates Degree
  • BSN (Bachelors of Science)
  • Master of Science


Students intending to prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurse, should enroll in diploma courses. Associate degree and other programs help a learner to qualify as a Registered Nurse. The RNs can potentially get a number of career benefits as well in addition to salaries.

Responsibilities of a Registered Nurse

As a registered Nurse, you have to fulfill a number of duties. These include:

  • Treating and educating patients and public about different medical issues
  • Giving advice and moral spport to the sick
  • Keeping a record of the medical history of the patients
  • Recording the symptoms of the sick
  • Assisting in several diagnostic tests
  • Operating medical equipment

Jobs for RNs
Once you have completed a nursing course and qualified as a Registered Nurse, you can specialize in a healthcare field of your choice. You may find yourself working alongside doctors and other medical staff. An RN can work in a number of environments such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Private homes
  • Universities
  • Specialized doctor’s rooms

Nursing as a Career

Once you complete a nursing course, you can improve your chances of finding related jobs. This is because the job opportunities for Registered Nurses are extending constantly. There is a great demand for these professionals in various locations, such as home-care and nursing-care facilities.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for registered nurses in May 2014 was $66,640 annually. Other than the basic salary, they may also receive several benefits including:

  • Bonuses
  • Flexible work hours
  • Educational benefits
  • Retirement benefits

Online Nursing Institutes

Before enrolling in online nursing courses, students need to make sure that the schools or colleges they select are accredited. This will help them to acquire quality education which is in accordance with the standards set by the governmental bodies. The job prospects for the learners who undergo nursing courses from accredited institutes are also better. The choice of the institute as well as the nursing course will determine your career path. So take your time and make a decision only after you are sure what you are going to gain.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Nursing Courses

The amount of time taken to complete a nursing course depends on the degree you opt for. For instance, bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) would take four years to complete. A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) would take 2 years. If you already have an associate’s degree or a nursing diploma, you can choose to go for an RN to BSN program.

What Are the Requirements to Enroll in Nursing Courses

The requirements to enroll in a nursing course depend on the level of education you opt for. For instance, if you intend to go for a bachelor’s in nursing program, you will likely be required to have a good GPA, along with coursework in English, Math, Biology or Human Anatomy. Most universities would have their own separate criteria for admissions, so be sure to check individual university websites for detailed information. For an MSN program, you will need to have at least a four-year long undergraduate degree in nursing.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the university jobs after the Nursing courses such as RN?

A:Upon completion of the nursing courses such as Registered Nurse program, you can opt for the university jobs such as working at the medical assistance room, to provide any necessary first aid to the staff and students of the institute.

Q:What are the advantages of pursuing online nursing courses?

A:The option for online nursing courses helps you do the course as per your convenience, with as much time as you require. It allows you to work alongside or pursue other goals and is a lot more cheaper as compared to the traditional schooling system.

Q:Are there any Audiometry Nursing courses online in the United States?

A:The Audiometry Nursing courses are mainly offered in Australasia and parts of Asia. In the United States, the nursing degree programs such as LPN and RN already deal with the study and applications of the Audiometry and the issues related to patients with audacity problems. Hence, you do not need to do a separate Audiometry Nursing course in the United States.

Q:Can I study the online nursing course at my own pace?

A:While there are many universities that offer the facility to study the online nursing course at your own pace, it should also be noted that those courses that are affiliated with other institutes have defined deadlines. Since the nursing courses in United States are run and monitored by the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure EXamination-Registered Nurse), they have specified deadlines.

Q:What is the Licensing procedure after completion of courses for nursing?

A:After completing nursing courses or nursing degree programs, it is required that every student must attain nursing licenses to practice nursing professionally. Nursing licenses are issued by the state board of nursing. Students must appear in the nursing licensing examination known as the NCLEX-RN/LPN. These exams are designed to test the nursing knowledge and skills of students. Upon clearing these examinations, students gain nursing licenses allowing them to work as professional nurses.

Q:What body is responsible for licensing and registration of students who have completed nursing courses?

A:The State board of nursing is the legal body in each state that conducts all nursing license examinations and registrations. Students who have completed nursing courses such as associate’s degree in nursing, RN, LPN, cannot practice nursing professionally without being licensed. Students must clear the NCLEX-LPN/RN licensing examinations set by the board.

Q:Where can I find the best nursing courses online?

A:Our website offers you the best nursing courses online. You can browse through our website and find detailed information on each of the online nursing courses. Students can pursue certificate, associate, bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees in nursing online via our website. We offer detailed course content, duration, and the entire study program at our website. However, if there is still more that you need to know, please write to use. Our team will respond to your query at the quickest.

Q:Which is the shortest nursing course?

A:The shortest nursing course is the Certificate in Nursing. It is a one year program which can be opted online and completed in even lesser time. The certificate in nursing offers the introductory level knowledge and skills to be nurses at the quickest. However, to be able to practice nursing legally, students will need to clear the NCLEX-LPN to be certified nurses.

Q:What body accredits and approves all online course of Nursing and other online programs?

A:Online education has become an efficient and popular mode of acquiring education nowadays. However students must ensure that they enroll in accredited online schools. The Distant Education Training Council (DETC) accredits and approved all online education programs whether that’s nursing, engineering, business, or any other field. Apart from this, students must also confirm that the programs have been recognized by the US dept of education higher education commission.

Q:Are online course options in nursing available for students already studying at a university?

A:Yes. Online course options in nursing are available for students already studying. Although, online courses are specifically designed keeping the students convenience in mind, it is recommended that students complete their university education so that they can study for these courses without any distractions. Studying for two courses simultaneously will only put undue pressure on the student.

Q:In an article named can I just do online classes to be a nurse, I came across one year Diploma in Child, Family and Community. What will I be taught in it?

A:The search related to can I just do online classes to be a nurse often leads to different diplomas and certifications available in the field across American. The one year Diploma in Child, Family and Community will familiarize you with maternal and child care. It introduces the individuals with the concept of nursing in a community.

Q:While looking at online courses for Nursing, I saw Adult and Geriatric Management course. Can you brief me about it?

A:There are a number of online courses for Nursing being offered by various institutes. Adult and Geriatric Management is one of them. In this course the students get to know about clinical courses and combined theory. It also discusses how to deal with geriatric patients issues including psychiatric and physical.

Q:What is the purpose of an IT nurse course?

A:The IT nurse course or more commonly known as the nurse informatics training combines nursing and information technology. This course deals with evolution of computers and internet. It also informs students about the importance of information technology in the health care industry. This course also trains students about the new emerging technologies in health care and its impact on patient care.

Q:During my search nursing courses, mentioned a course on nursing as a profession. What is the premise of this course?

A:Nursing as a profession would be mentioned when searching for nursing courses. This course deals with the history of the profession. Students also get a chance to understand structure of nursing, certifications, accreditations, ethics and common professional practices. It is an introductory course that helps students understand the requirements and environment of nursing. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:My search on what classes help you in nursing led me to Adult Health Deviations course. What will I study in it?

A:It is common to come across the reference of Adult Health Deviations course while searching on what classes help you in nursing. Adult Health Deviations is a three credit hour course which deals in the study of nursing management of the adults, various psychological factors, and techniques of operating the equipment.

Q:What do students learn in Nursing Course Assistance programs or nursing assistant training programs?

A:Nursing assistant training programs equip students will skills needed in this field. They learn a number of skills such as recording patients vital signs, administering medication, helping in walking and moving around, managing hygiene of patients, fili9ng in patients charts, emergency procedures such as CPR, and helping in daily routine procedures.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Ethics in Health Care in LVN programs in Stockton CA?

A:The LVN programs in Stockton CA have dedicated course on Ethics in Health Care. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It offers the students with ample understanding of the ways in which strong system of values can be created that is based on sound medical ethics. Students are briefed on the ways in which analytical and critical thinking is provided.

Q:Clinical placements were mentioned when searching for nursing programs in Columbia SC. What is the purpose of this?

A:Clinical placements would be mentioned when searching for nursing programs in Columbia SC. These are supervised practical sessions usually part of the course. Students are required to work and learn in approved clinical environment such as teaching hospitals, clinics, and community health centers. After the placement, students are marked on their performance by the supervising health care professional.

Q:What are the contents of the online nursing course in Management Information Systems?

A:The Online Nursing Course in Management Information Systems are one of the most contemporary courses of such programs. These are usually worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the in depth look into the world of healthcare and how information technology can affect it in positive and/or negative manners.

Q:While searching for nursing course requirements, I came across a course on Theoretical Foundations of Nursing. What is included in this course?

A:There is a possibility of Theoretical Foundations of Nursing being mentioned when searching for nursing course requirements. This course is part of the Nursing Administration discipline where students learn about the theoretical concepts of nursing practice, health, illness, wellness and self care. Students also learn about interpersonal relationships and integration. With the health care industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for students interested in this profession.

Q:I have undertaken a number of pre- nursing courses. Will these allow me to apply for my state license?

A:This will depend on the requirements of you local state, nursing board. You should speak to them and see if they will allow you to sit the necessary examinations without a full academic qualification in nursing. It may be that they will only accept applications from those who have passed accredited courses.

Q:Do online courses for nurses offer the practical training that a nurse requires for her job?

A:Taking an online nursing coursing does not affect your nursing career in any major way. The course material is virtually the same- it is only the manner in which that it is taught that is different. Many nurses have joined the profession by taking an online program and have encountered little difficulty is obtaining a license and finding a job.

Q:Searching for nurse courses I came across critical care nurses program, can you tell me about it?

A:There are varied nurse courses with specific areas of focus. Critical care nurse program aims to train individuals on the techniques and ways of handling those who are in life threatening conditions. Such nurses require specialized knowledge so the course is an extensive one that covers advanced nursing care theories and practices.

Q:What are some of the popular nurse course?

A:Some of the most popular nursing courses that students will come across in a majority of nursing programs are growth and development, pathophysiology, nursing practice, pharmacology, administration and growth and development. However in advanced degree programs you be come across a wide range of topics that will be more complex.

Q:Should I go for accredited nurse course online?

A:Yes if you want to study nursing courses you should try and look for accredited nursing schools. There are plenty of advantages of enrolling in these schools. Accredited institutions offer better teaching facilities and this is the reason that a majority of employers prefer to hire individuals who are graduates of accredited schools.

Q:Are there any special requirements for nurse courses online?

A:If you want to enroll in any online nursing course you will need a high speed internet connection and a computer that meets the specification requirements listed by your course provider. In addition to this you might have to purchase some software or the school might provide it to you.

Q:Should I go for nursing course online or for traditional courses?

A:The answer to this question depends upon your own personal preference. There are plenty of advantages of online programs that are not available with traditional courses. So if you have a job and can’t show up to campus for regular classes than online education is surely the way to go.

Q:What nurses courses will I study in a master’s program?

A:The courses that you study in your master’s degree will depend on your school and the specialization you choose. Some of these are: research management, health policy, health promotion, mental health, nutrition, nutrition, statistics, and health economics. Clinical courses that a student will study will also depend on the choice of majors.

Q:Tell me about nursing coarse that I will study in a bachelors degree?

A:Some of the courses that are part of the curriculum include: mental health, health promotion, psychiatric care, environmental and occupational health, community health, home health care, management, medical and surgical care and adult and pediatric care. Apart from these courses, nursing programs also provide a list of electives or specialization areas.

Q:Do I have to study other courses apart from courses in nursing in a bachelor’s program?

A:In a four year bachelor’s program in nursing you will study plenty of courses that are not related to nursing or to health care. Some of the study areas include: social sciences, technology, nutrition, psychology, basic science, sociology, business, humanities and ethics. You might study courses related to other study areas depending on your school.

Q:Will I have to pay back the grants I have taken to cover nursing online courses?

A:If you have taken grants to help pay for your nursing course, you will be happy to know these are not supposed to be paid back. A grant is basically a monetary gift awarded by the federal government or an educational institution to a student, helping him/her cover costs such program fees, accommodation, book costs etc.

Q:Is it compulsory to undertake nursing as a course before obtaining a license?

A:In order to obtain a license you need to obtain approval from your state licensing board. Licensing requirements vary from state to state. Almost all states will require that you have a formal education in nursing before issuing a license. You may have to take additional examinations and therefore a degree will hold you in good stead.

Q:What will I be able to do after I take critical care nursing course?

A:Critical care courses instruct students about how to deal with life threatening problems in critically ill patients and what’s the best course of action for them. Critical care nurses can work in a wide variety of settings and roles and some of these include nurse educators, bedside clinicians, nurse managers, nurse practitioners, and childcare specialists.

Q:Can you tell me about nursing courses requirements?

A:The requirements for a nursing program will depend on which level of education you want to pursue and which school you are applying to. If you want to go for a bachelors or an associate degree you should at least have a high school diploma. Master’s degree requires you to have an undergraduate degree.

Q:What are the benefits of online pre nursing courses?

A:Taking online pre-nursing courses will allow you to get an understanding of the courses that you will come across in your degree program. It makes your nursing degree much easier. In addition to this, there are several benefits of online education such as studying from home, such as low costs and saving time and money on travelling.

Q:Can RN courses and LPN courses be completed in a short period of time?

A:Yes, you can complete RN or LPN programs in less than the regular time period. Such programs are known as accelerated programs and are offered by many nursing institutes. The coursework for accelerated programs is vigorous. Accelerated programs can be earned online or through campus based institutes. Students who wish to join the professional field earlier can enroll in accelerated programs.

Q:While searching for online nursing courses in usa, I came across one in gerontology. Can you make clear what I will learn in this course?

A:Gerontology is the study of physiological and psychological aspects of aging. You will be studying topics like food and nutrition for older adults, counseling for elderly people, medication for common elderly ailments and health and safety administration. You will also get a chance to study and address perceptions about death and low self esteem.

Q:Are there any prerequisites for Free Online Nursing Courses?

A:Nursing education is a broad field that requires dedication and skill. If you are planning to enroll in a nursing program, you need to have a thorough understanding of basic science subjects such as biology and chemistry. You will also need to complete courses in physiology and anatomy before applying in any nursing program. The prerequisites can vary slightly from school to school.

Q:Can you tell me the subjects I will be studying in online pre nursing courses?

A:Online pre nursing courses are focused to give a familiarization of basic nursing processes so that you can continue with in depth studies with more ease. The subjects can vary but generally they would deal with human anatomy, physiology, biological concepts, microbiology, psychology, sociology and human development. These courses are offered by many training schools and can be completed online as well.

Q:Students who want to enroll in a course of nursing will need to have what kind of knowledge?

A:Nursing programs have certain prerequisites. Students who want to enroll in nursing programs need to have knowledge of subjects such as anatomy and physiology which briefly explain how the human body functions. These courses can be taken separately or during high school. Having a thorough understanding of science subjects and pre-med subjects is essential.

Q:While looking for nursing online programs I came across the health assessment course. Can you tell me what is it about?

A:Health assessment course offered in nursing online programs provides an introduction to the skills of history taking, physical assessment, and documentation required for initial nursing practice. The student will need these skills to carry out a comprehensive health assessment and will also study the physical, functional, social, psychological and environmental aspects of health. This course emphasizes on health assessment as a systematic examination, which will give accurate information for proper nursing diagnoses.

Q:I am looking for a long term career in nursing and was wondering what will be the best online course for nursing?

A:There are four main categories of online nursing courses which include one year diploma, two year associate’s degree, four year BSN degree, and Masters of Science. For a long term career and career advancement, a higher level degree such as BSN or Master’s of Science will be the best online course for nursing. In addition to the course, the repute of the school, quality of education, and the relevant experience will matter a lot in the career growth.

Q:As I was trying to find a course in english for nursing, I came across NCLEX. What is this?

A:NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Examination. Students who complete their nursing education must clear this examination in order to acquire professional licenses. LPN, RN, BSN, and MSN nursing degrees qualify a student for the NCLEX exam. This exam is conducted by the nursing board in each state and is held throughout the year.

Q:What is the criteria to apply online nursing courses?

A:The admission criteria for online nursing courses vary from program to program and from school to school. Generally, the minimum age requirement to enroll into an accredited LPN program is 18 years of age. To be eligible to enroll in a LPN program, you must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Most colleges and universities have a LPN entrance exam for admission into the program.

Q:What degree i need to get into Online Nursing Courses at bachelor level?

A:If you are planning to enroll in a nursing course or degree at bachelor level, you will need to complete the nursing pre-requisites. The pre-requisites may vary slightly from college to college, but generally students are required to study subjects such as anatomy, physiology, and sciences. You can learn more about course requirements on our page.

Q:What variations are available in Nursing Courses?

A:Nursing courses are designed to teach students about the fundamentals of nursing and healthcare. There are all kinds of programs available such as the LPN nursing program, RN nursing program, and BSN nursing degree. There are a number of different specialty areas in nursing, for example, oncology nursing, pediatric nursing, and anesthetic nursing.

Q:I wish to apply for an associate’s program. Can you tell me about the coursework for nursing degree?

A:Coursework for an associate’s degree in nursing can vary from one institute to another. However, there are some general courses that are included in most of the associate’s degree programs in nursing. These courses include anatomy and physiology, nursing basics, nutrition, pharmacology, pediatric nursing, clinical nursing, psychology, and patient management.

Q:I want to apply online at any university to do a nursing course, how do I apply?

A:The admission requirements of nursing courses will vary slightly from institute to institute. If you plan to enroll in an online university, you must first pick an institute that is offering the course. You will need a laptop and an internet connection for this mode of education. There are many different nursing courses you can choose from such as LPN and RN programs.

Q:I am looking for any online school that offers any course on nursing studies. Can you give me the basic information?

A:There are a number of online courses that you can enroll in to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional nurse. Unlike the conventional nursing schools, online programs offer more benefits to students in terms of cost and convenience. You can go for a diploma, associate’s degree, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, or Master’s of Science.

Q:What are the benefits for me if I get into nursing courses right after high school?

A:The nursing occupation is expected to grow in the coming years and can be a great career choice for many. If you interested in this field and want to help others, you can start your academic pursuit by enrolling in a nursing school. There are a number of nursing programs available that will help you train to become a nurse.

Q:Can you name a few prerequisites that must be covered before applying for admission in nursing degree courses?

A:To qualify for admission in a nursing degree, you must first complete the prerequisites. These typically include subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, general sciences, and biochemistry. You can find schools that offer prerequisite courses and prepare students for admission in nursing degrees. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Can one upgrade subjects and be able to join certificate in nursing program?

A:Certificate in nursing is a short course that is designed to provide students with clinical nursing skills and career-oriented knowledge. The admission requirements will vary from institute to institute. However, you must complete the nursing pre-requisites to qualify for nursing programs. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:While I was reading about Online Pre Nursing Programs, I came across the benefits of studying this field online. Can you tell me more?

A:Online nursing programs can be beneficial in many ways. Students can study according to times that fit their routine without having to worry about attending classes. On the other hand, online learning is cost-friendly in many ways. Students can study from the comfort of their home without having to go anywhere. Take a look at our page for more information.