Health care specialists who examine medical issues of their patients and provide treatment according to the diagnosis after proper testing are called doctors.

Should I Become a Doctor in Arizona?

Doctors get to decide their area of expertise during residency. They can choose to be a specialist in Anesthesiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Pathology or they may become General Physicians or Surgeons etc. Doctors work long hours and their common duties include getting patients’ medical history for diagnosing, treating or operating purposes.

Education-Required A doctoral or a professional degree
Major-Requirement An MD or a related subject
License/Certification Licensure is mandatory
Experience/Training 3 to 7 year of residency
Key-Skills Patience, Dexterity, Physical Stamina, Leadership, Problem-solving, Decision-making, Organizational and Communication Skills etc.
Annual-Mean-Salary-(2020) $218,850 (Physicians, all other and ophthalmologists, except Pediatric)
Job-Outlook-(2018-2028) 6% (Faster than the average)
Annual Mean Salary-(2020)-AZ $240,750 (Physicians, all other and ophthalmologists, except Pediatric)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019)

Career Requirements

Doctors’ routine involves making difficult choices throughout the day which is why this career is very demanding and requires exemplary decision-making skills. Since doctors work long hours, they must have patience to deal with nerve-wracking issues and be empathetic towards patients and their families.

Steps to Become a Doctor in Arizona

If you want to join this profession and don’t know where to begin, this guide can help you find your way. Sift through this step by step guide to begin your journey.

  1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

  2. The first milestone on this journey is to complete a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to biological sciences. There are several universities in the US that offer these degrees and a typical bachelor’s degree takes approximately 4 years to complete.

  1. Clear the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

  2. All prospective candidates who want to enroll in a medical school must take and clear the MCAT exam with a very good score.

  1. Graduate from Medical School

  2. You can enroll in Doctor of Medicine (MD) at a medical school in Arizona which can be completed in 4-years. There are many universities in the state like, the College of Medicine Phoenix at the University of Arizona that offer a 4-year Doctor of Medicine program.

  1. Complete a Residency Program at a Hospital

  2. All graduates who complete a doctoral degree in medicine complete a residency program at a hospital. This provides them with field experience in their area of interest. Depending upon the chosen area of specialization, a residency can be completed in 3 to 7 years.

  1. Get Licensed in Arizona

  2. It is mandatory for all doctors who want to practice medicine in the US to be licensed. To obtain a license in Arizona, applicants need to apply to the Arizona Medical Board after,

  • Passing all required national examinations like, FLEX, NBME or USMLE etc.
  • Doctors who have foreign degrees must also get the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
    Certification (ECFMG) in addition to passing the exams.
  • All doctors must have completed residency program to be eligible for a license.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Doctor in Arizona?

To practice medicine as a licensed doctor in Arizona, it may take you 10-12 years or even more because there are a lot of steps involved in this lengthy process. The timeline would vary according to your chosen specialty.

What Are the Requirements of Becoming a Doctor in Arizona?

You must complete the following requirements to work as a doctor in Arizona:

  • Complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Graduate with a doctoral degree in medicine or a relevant subject which may take another 4 years
  • Complete a 3-7 years residency program at a hospital
  • Pass all relevant national medical exams i.e., FLEX, NBME, USMLE etc.
  • Apply for a license from the Arizona Medical Board with relevant documents and pay the fee


How Much Can I Make as a Doctor in Arizona?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that Physicians, all other and ophthalmologists, except Pediatric employed in the state of Arizona had an annual mean salary of $216,200 in 2019. Whereas, Alaska was named as the top paying state for this career with an annual mean salary of $258,550.

Career Outlook for Doctors in Arizona

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest figures show that, “Physicians, All Other; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric” earned $240,750 in Arizona in the year 2020. This figure is substantially higher than the national annual mean income of $218,850.
As far as job outlook for “Physicians, All Others,” is concerned, O*Net Online estimates that this category will see a job growth of -6% for the decade, 2018 – 2028, in Arizona.