If you are interested in a career in the healthcare industry and would like to help in reaching out to the community in general, then a Bachelor of public health degree may be perfect for you. A program in public health education provides students with knowledge of healthcare operations, business administration and human resource management. Public health is the study of community health as a whole.

Program Structure and Coursework

The Bachelor of public health is a four year program during which students learn about health policy and education, epidemiology, social sciences and environmental health sciences.¬†Biostatistics¬†which is the application of statistics in biology is also an important part of a public health program curriculum. Students are taught to learn about people’s attitudes towards health from an anthropological and psychological view point. Courses related to health services administration are also offered. Students learn to assess a community’s health requirements, devise plans and policies and implement health programs.

Careers in Public Health

A Bachelor of public health degree prepares graduates for entry level positions in the healthcare industry. Public health professionals are employed at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies and health organizations. They can find jobs in the areas of health administration, research, education and policy development. Public health experts can work in roles such as health educator, public health social worker, epidemiologist, health program analyst and more. Salaries may vary depending on the specialization you choose within the public health sphere. The average starting salary for a public health program graduate is 44,000 US dollars.

Frequently Asked Question(s)


Q:Where can I pursue a career with a Bachelor in Public Health?

A:With a Bachelor in Public Health, students can pursue careers in federally administered, private and nonprofit organizations. There is huge potential for professionals in environmental health, public health, epidemiology, biostatistics and nutritional sectors. Health care is probably one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today. Students with this qualification have a bright future ahead of them.


Q:In a bachelor degree in public health, what main courses will I be required to study?

A:A bachelor degree in public health is an undergraduate program that covers a wide range of relevant topics. Students enrolled in this degree program will be expected to study the following courses: health management, health communication, health psychology, health informatics, disaster management, health and cultural diversity, and wellness. This program can be earned online from a number of accredited institutes.


Q:A public health bachelor’s degree takes how long to complete?

A:A bachelor’s degree in public health takes around 4 years to complete. Usually all bachelor level programs take around four years to complete. However, there are accelerated degree programs that can be completed in 2-3 years. Opting for a accelerated program or a regular program purely depends upon your interest, budget, time availability, and resources.


Q:What can I expect to study for a bachelor of science in public health?

A:A bachelor of science in public health is a four year long degree like other bachelor’s degrees that may require internship. You can expect to study environmental health, healthcare service systems, epidemiology, laws and policies regarding healthcare services, planning health care as well as the financial aspect of health care administration.


Q:What is the focus of Bachelor of Science public health?

A:Bachelor of Science in public health gives an understanding of health management of the masses. Therefore it includes both health issue knowledge as well as the administrative part of it that enables to execute efficient planning to cater to the health needs of public. It is a four year degree and many universities offer internships as well.


Q:Can I pursue a public health bachelor degree online?

A:There are plenty of schools that offer public health degrees online. You will need to search online to find out what options you have. The curriculum of online degrees in this field comprises of theoretical and practical courses. One of the major benefits of online bachelor’s degrees is low costs. You also don’t have to worry about keeping up with classes and can study at your own pace.


Q:What are the admission requirements for a bachelor of public health degree?

A:A bachelor degree in public health can only be pursued after completing high school education. This is a four year undergraduate program and focuses on equipping students with public health knowledge. One can pursue an entry level career in public health with this degree, or can further enroll in a master’s in public health degree.


Q:How long will it take to complete a BS in public health epidemiology program?

A:A BS in public health epidemiology is a four year undergraduate degree. It is offered by many colleges and universities. The usual time allotted for all bachelor degree programs is four years. However, there is always an option of completing the program in less time. These programs are known as accelerated degree programs.


Q:What are bachelor of public health programs designed for?

A:A bachelor degree in public health is designed to give students an understanding of public health principles related to health and disease. Students are trained for public health professions of various kinds. This program can be earned online or through campus based institutes. The duration for completion for a bachelor of public health program is four years.


Q:Is it possible to finish a bachelors degree in public health in less than four years?

A:Accelerated bachelor degree programs are designed to help students complete their undergraduate studies in less than four years. The program can be completed in 1-2 years. The coursework is vigorous and fast paced. Students will have to complete the credit hour requirement in a short period of time. These programs are also offered online.


Q:Is bachelor in public health in India also for four year and what does this program entails?

A:Bachelor in public health in India is four years in India as it is in mostly other parts of the world. With accelerated programs it can be completed in a shorter span of time. This program is focused on subjects such as health administration, public hygiene, public health awareness programs, health policies, and epidemiology.


Q:Is it possible to earn a bachelors in public health degree in less than four years?

A:Yes, you can enroll in accelerated bachelor degree programs. In accelerated programs, students can complete the degree in less than 3 years. The exact duration will depend upon the pace of the student. This is a great option for students who wish to spend less time in college and are looking for a head start in the professional world.


Q:What will I learn in a bs in public health degree?

A:In a BS in public health degree will help you gain insight on various public health policies and issues. You will study a number of courses such as disaster management, health informatics, health communication, and health psychology. The program also entails practical courses and projects that will focus on polishing your skills.


Q:What kind of career options will I have if I complete a bachelor in public health?

A:Due to the wide variety of courses that undergrad students complete as part of the bachelor in public health requirement, there are numerous positions across a whole host of industries that are accessible to them. The most popular ones include government organizations such as the FDA and the CDC, private and public hospitals and community health centers, research organizations as well as universities.


Q:Does a bachelors in public health degree cover topics regarding ethics and healthcare law?

A:Yes, you will study a course on work ethics and healthcare law in this degree program. It is important for all healthcare professionals to understand what legal limitations they have, and how to perform in an ethical manner. The program is geared towards covering all major aspects of public health and equips students with everything they need to know for careers in this field.


Q:I would like to get some detail about bs public health careers?

A:Public health aims at improving the overall health of the community rather than focusing on a single individual. Students who have earned a BS degree in public health can apply for jobs in community clinics, non-profit organizations, relief agencies etc. The degree program will lead to entry level jobs in the professional field of healthcare.


Q:I wish to apply for Bachelor Programs in Public Health. Can you tell me why I should select accredited programs?

A:If you are going for a bachelor’s program in public health, it is preferable that you select an accredited program. An accredited program will provide you value for the time and resources spent on a bachelor’s program. Accreditation means that a program is approved by the relevant accrediting agencies and meets quality standards. Employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs.

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